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Obtaining The Midas Touch

By Glen Snethun

Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun

What does it mean to ìpay your duesî? Have you paid yours?

If you want to know the answer, just ask yourself, ìAm I at the level of financial success that I desire?î

If the answer is ìNoî, then you havenít paid your dues. If the answer is ìYesî then you have. Itís just that simple.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to walk into a new endeavor and everything they touch turns to money. Do you ever question why they have the Midas Touch? Well I wondered the same thing until I heard speaker Jeffery Combs explain to me that theyíve ìpaid their duesî ñ in a different arena, at a different time.

And so I wondered if I had really paid my dues. Is this why I wasnít achieving the results I wanted? To put it blunt, I needed to look in the mirror.

Did I like what I saw? Not necessarily. Was I ready to change? Absolutely!

So what does paying ones dues really look like? For everyone, itís different!
But one thing is the same -- itís always a process of getting sick and tired of where youíre at, deciding to quit passing the buck, and facing oneself.

For me, paying my dues started in small ways.

To improve my self discipline, I got out of bed every morning at 5:00am, not 5:10 or 5:20 but 5:00am sharp! I didnít like going to bed at 9:00pm in order to get enough sleep but I put my stake in the ground.

Physically, I was 50 lbs overweight. Getting up at 5:00 am gave me time to exercise every morning. I started to lose weight.

I began to apply self-discipline to my diet. Absolutely no more MacDonalds or pop.

And then there was the mental challenge. I refused to let my mind wonder to the negatives in a situation. ìStop!î Iíd say to myself. Was that a hard habit to break!

And I began to try to look for the good in people and their messages instead of displaying my temper. If you think there werenít any dues to be paid here, think again. I had to leave a comfort zone Iíd lived in for 30 years.

Now how about my business success and making money online? I started paying my dues by getting on the phone and talking to people even though I was terrified. I muddled through learning about the Internet and computers even when it frustrated the heck out of me. I kept going on every training call possible. I continued to pick up the phone, even when I had heard every reason in the book not to join, not to buy, not to invest. Then the law of averages began to take over and I began to hear the word ìyesî more often.

My point is that I started paying my dues in small but real ways. And all of the small dues equated into huge differences in many areas of my life.

These are some of the keys to success that I found to be true in my life.

So be true to yourself. Are there dues that need to be paid in your life? Like a friend of mine told me, ìWhy donít you decide to pay them now, instead of riding the truck all the way to the dump?î Something to think about.

About the author:
Glen Snethun is a stock/options trader as well as a full time Internet Businessman, Author and Coach.Glen dedicates his time to showing others how to create multiple streams of income using the Internet.Get ideas from Glen at http://www.GlenSnethun.org

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  Copyright 2005. All Rights Reserved.